Think big – Act small

Think big – Act small

The purpose is that to make ourselves achieve the “Big Dream”, the “Large Goals” or whatever, while keep completing the “small actions”, “cheap effort”, “achievable step” in order to make those aggregated achievement to the “Big Large Dream Goal”.

Here are some suggestions you can start applying with any goal of yours.

  • Keep it specific (who what where why how)

  • Keep it easy

  • Keep it fun and enjoyable

  • Keep it immediate (can be completed in a short time)

  • Keep it cheap

  • Keep it real (real world action)

  • Keep it social (to gather feedback)

  • Build on your strength

Finally “Celebrate your small win” is the must.



  • if you find it difficult to achieve, it might because it is too big, then break it into small achievable, enjoyable and cheap steps.


reference: “Fail Fast Fail Often”